Radio Amor is a ministry that God placed at the heart of Rev. Armando Hernández that began in 1986. In 1993 Radio Amor begins broadcasting on 690AM. In 1997 this building was purchased, 261 Portsea Street in New Haven CT. Over the years, many men and women of God strove not only to keep this ministry going, but also to continue the mission given to each believer.


The Word of God clearly states that the different ministries mentioned in Ephesians chapter 4 have been established with the mission to edify the body of Christ.That is what we have been called to do. Building and maintaining the unity of the body in love, declaring the good news of the Gospel, and, above all, proclaiming the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ.Today, together with the Administrative Board, the Radio Amor team is focused, more than ever, on continuing that mission.


EST. 1986


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